Shatter Belt

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Shatter Belt

SHATTER BELT is the new science fiction series from James Byrkit, writer/director of COHERENCE. A collection of mind-bending stories from the edge of reality and beyond the blurry boundary of consciousness.




Filmmaker Jim Byrkit goes deep and answers some burning questions about the cult favorite science fiction film COHERENCE. With special guest interviewer Patton Oswalt asking his own questions and some rare behind-the-scenes moments from the unconventional shoot. Learn some things you didn’t know and support SHATTER BELT by renting this brand new explainer video.


Coherence NFT - Amir, red glowstick, paddle    Coherence NFT - Beth, red glowstick, paddle    Coherence NFT - Emily, red glowstick, monkey    Coherence NFT - Hugh, red glowstick, paddle

Coherence NFT - Laurie, red glowstick, paddle    Coherence NFT - Lee, red glowstick, paddle    Coherence NFT - Mike, red glowstick, paddle    Coherence NFT - Kevin, red glowstick, paddle

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Shatter Belt - The Hard Problem of Carl

I. The Hard Problem of Carl
Following a woman who works as a “contact tracer” for artificial intelligence. Responding to a call, she discovers the strange situation of a man apparently “captured” by the emerging AI of his smart refrigerator. As the incident grows more dangerous, she’s drawn into the depths of questions concerning consciousness, awareness, and intention.
Hugo Armstrong
Emily Baldoni
Adrienne Lewis
Joan Almedilla
Mariko Van Kampen
Madison West

Shatter Belt - Immotus

II. Immotus
Taking place in super hip internet startup company ( specializing in quirky and offbeat news. When a story of an unmovable apple inexplicably goes viral, the entire team must focus their full energy on understanding the true nature of the phenomenon. Is it mass hypnosis … or a glitch in the very code of the universe?
JJ Nolan
Julie Zhan
Richard Follin
Maury Sterling
Shannon Timberlake
Isayas Theodros
Ryan Keem
Rebecca Lynne Morley
Scarlet Sheppard
Andi René Christensen
Madison West
Jacqueline Wright

Shatter Belt - The Specimen

III. The Specimen
A man with his life in shambles tries desperately to deal his way back in, trading one thing for another in hopes of recovering his computer so he can finish an article that will finally lead a payout. Across town, the bones of an ancient king are analyzed and catalogued. Eventually, the two stories intersect unexpectedly, creating a connection between characters and worlds.
Patton Oswalt
Dale E. Turner
Feyisola Soetan
Annie Ruby
Joan Almedilla
Alixandree Antoine
Fay DeWitt
Ron Gilbert

Shatter Belt - The Multiverse of Ally Leighton

IV. The Multiverse of Ally Leighton
A murdered girl. Three men, all of whom claim to be her boyfriend. An investigative reporter returns to his home town to explore a mystery that spans multiple realities, until his own past merges with the unfolding story and he too finds a deep connection with the victim.

Shatter Belt - The Peaceful Window

V. The Peaceful Window
In a lifestyle company a la goop, an emerging product promises inner peace by way of a simple meditation app. But when the app starts to deliver more than relaxation to its users, things spiral quickly out of control as the power to alter consciousness proves far more unpredictable than anyone could have ever imagined.


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